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Welcome to ICOS!

Welcome to the ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) research infrastructure (RI) website. Here you will find information on the RI, ICOS organization, the latest news and how to join the ICOS activities. ICOS is currently in the transitional phase between the preparatory phase project and ICOS ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium). As soon as ICOS ERIC is being established, early 2014, this website will be upgraded.

The ICOS Preparatory Phase Project web site can be accessed here.


In 5 December ICOS Stakeholder Interim Council nominated Dr. habil. Werner Kutsch as ICOS Director General.

ICOS ERIC application has been submitted by the Finland's permanent representation to the EU to the Commission for step 1 evaluation in 21.6.2013. The EC will assess the application (statutes, technical and scientific description and declaration by Finland recognising the ERIC as an international body) to ensure its compliance with the requirements of the ERIC Regulation. Independent experts will assist the Commission in its assessment of the application's compliance with Article 4 (on necessity, added value, access, mobility, knowledge transfer, dissemination). Each ERIC application will be assessed by 4-5 experts. The next step will commence in autumn and include the signature process between the member and observer countries.